Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prom Dress Fly

Base: Waddington Shank (size will vary).
Hook Connection: Beading wire.
Hook: Octopus style hook size 2-1/0
Body: Pearl mylar, pearl Ice Dub, white arctic fox tail.
Wing: Glow Flashabou (or any Flashabou of your choice)
Hackle: Large mallard flank feather.
Eyes: tungsten or lead-free db of your choice and 3D stick-on eyes.

First, secure the WS in the vice and create a thread base.  Second, lash wire to the WS leaving a trailing loop that is large enough to accommodate the hook.  Third, secure pearl mylar tinsel and wrap forward roughly a third of the hook shank towards the eye, tie off and trim.  Fourth, where you have tied off the mylar, create a medium size ball of Ice Dub and tie off.  Fifth, create a dubbing loop and fill the loop with an inch (or so) of arctic fox.  Sixth, spin the loop and wrap it around the WS (be sure to stroke the fibers after each turn).   Seventh, apply a generous amount of Flashabou by securing the Flashabou at its middle and doubling it over.  Be sure that the Flashabou extends all around the hook shank and completely covers the arctic fox (like a dress, although I'm not sure that's where the name came from).  Eighth, wrap the mallard feather forward so that the fibers slope back toward the hook.  Finally, tie on the eyes using a figure-eight wrap.

The Story
A few months ago, I came across this fly while looking over the online fly shop  The website includes the fly's story and a how-to video, which is worth checking out.  Then, I got a shot of the fly in action while watching Scott Howell's new video Skagit Master II - also worth checking out.  In short, the fly was designed by Scott Howell and is, essentially, the fly fisherman's spoon.  The fly is bright with lots of movement.  Moreover, the fly is fairly simple to tie and invites adaptation.  Since it is made from synthetic materials the color combinations are endless.  I tied this particular fly in glow - thinking about bright early-run king salmon.  However, all silver is a logical choice.  How about fire-tiger? Or, gold with an orange back? I'm looking forward to swinging a few of these through the favorite tail out.

Tight Lines.