Monday, February 25, 2013

MI update

On Sunday Dad got a grab on the swing moments after I walked up to him to call it a morning and a minute after he said let me take a couple more casts (wedding planning trumped fishing this weekend).

Modified ESL got the bite. Unfortunately, shortly after the grab the fish started to buck at the surface and the hook pulled. Probably nothing he could have done. Looked like a healthy winter fish and was enough to rekindle the fire. Dad has been beating me up on the swing this winter. He has a good feel for the drift.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Checking out wedding venues in northern Michigan. Got to do some fishing this morning. Water was cold but fishy looking. Got two pulls which was promising. Spawn guy came in behind me and got one.

All in all promising. Maybe we can get some this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lone Wolf Weekend

My better half was out of town last weekend and here in the Midwest it was bitter cold. The local rivers were iced up and its tough to ice fish with a fly rod, so what is a lone wolf to do? Set up the kitchen table in front of the tv, grab a bunch of random fly tying materials and fly fishin' DVDs, a 12 pack, some bourbon and go to work. Having my neighbor and fellow fly fishing/fly tying enthusiast come over for a night to talk fishing and flies was an added bonus. A number of flies were churned out and the following was one I'm particularly excited to try.

Two 2461s sz 2 with beadalon 7 strand holding them together. Four hackles hanging off the back. Marabou palmered up both hooks. Ostrich lashed on the top of each hook for color contrast. 3D eyes up front add a nice baitfish touch. I think eyes can really enhance a streamers effectiveness.

It is basically a galloup T n' A with the ostrich topper and the eyes.

It's 4 inches + and between the the bou and ostrich it will have a bunch of shake and wiggle. I'm a little worried about durability with such soft materials but that is to be determined.

Bass, pike, salmon and trout are all on the list of targets and color options are pretty close to endless.

Tight lines!