Monday, June 25, 2012

Slow Down 2012 . . .

I have not been a diligent blogger and not to take a ride on the excuses train but a few things have happened:
(1) bought a house with my girlfriend in a suburb near where I grew up (it has a man-cave / fly tying room i.e. unfinished corner of basement - when finished I'll post some pix for opinions and comments);
(2) went on a tarpon fly fishing trip - got rained out 2 of three days and zero on day 1 (until 2013 you f*ing silver devils)
(2a) on the same trip, while landlocked, my dad and I worked our tails off to find fish in-between down pours and I ended up with a nice sight-fished snook;
(3) work, work, work; and 
(4) more time spent acclimating to homeownership.

I have escaped on a few fishing excursions.  Got up to southwest Wisconsin with some good buddies who are coming into their own as fishermen (but thats another post).  We worked hard, caught some fish, washed down some bugs with local brew and finished each day with an ample dose of red meat - great time!  Fished some local ponds for carp and bass and have caught an smattering of both.  Most interesting is I came across a couple local lakes that have muskie.  Time to tie some critter flies!

Bottom line, Kat and I are settling into the new routine so there will be more time for bloggin', bourbon, tyin', oh yes and whole lot more fishin'.

Back in business.