Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Swinging Rig

This is a weight rig that I have been playing with for swinging flies. The use of small worm weights for fishing streamers and swinging flies may be relatively new but this rig is certainly not novel. However, I strung a rubber band through the weight as a peg. Using the rubber band allows me to move the weight up and down the leader without damaging it and the rubber band will hold the weight in place. 

Here, in the Midwest, we come across some narrow, relatively short runs and the "fishable window" (for lack of a better term) can often be quite small. Incorporating worm weights with long leaders and floating or intermediate tips can allow you to get your fly into that fishable zone quickly and get it out without hanging up.

Also, the weight is in front of a modified prom dress with a hackle collar. It hasn't caught a fish yet but it looks great in the water. It is intended for dropbacks in high water but it could be a good deep winter fly.

Tight Lines.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting Back Into The Blogging Game

2014 was a big year - just not for fishing.  Between weddings, a yellow lab puppy, and life generally things just got in the way of time on the water. We did get out to swing some flies at the end of the year so it wasn't a total loss:

In any event, 2015 is a new year. I miss fishing and have challenged myself to get out on the water or behind the vice as much as possible:
Getting off to a good start - some tarpon killers for the upcoming season. Perhaps a tutorial is in order.

Tight lines.