Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Initial Posting


This is my swan dive into the sea of blogging.  My friends and family will freely tell you that, like it or not, conversations with me will find its way to a fly fishing related topic i.e. fish, gear, water conditions, weather patterns, new flies, the next trip and so on.  In part, this blog is to divert some of my fly fishing ramblings off of them.


At age two, with my snoopy rod in hand and fishing buddy (my dad) behind me I caught my first fish.  Then, under my eighth Christmas tree lay my first fly rod outfit, a Berkley with matching reel.  As my dad and grandfather guided my casting in the snow covered yard a love affair with fly fishing began and I have never looked back.  Well . . . truth be told I dabble in the world of gear fishing from time to time but those occasions are continually less frequent.

Point and Purpose

With that said, my dad and I have had the opportunity to fish lakes and rivers both foreign and domestic.  Not surprisingly we have gathered a great deal of fishing knowledge, theories, and strategies.  Much of the information is useful, some of it is not, and the utility of some of it is yet to be realized.  So, I created this blog to serve many purposes.  First, is to record past, present and future tidbits of fishing information so that my dad and can improve as fly fishermen.  Second, is to share the knowledge with other fly fishermen and create a dialog so that we may learn from each other.  Finally, this blog serves as an outlet so that I may ramble about fly fishing without boring some of my friends and family to death.

Tight Lines.