Sunday, July 10, 2011

23 Inch Brown Trout My PM Personal Best!!!!

Jeff Hubbard and Me

Saturday was a great day.  I spent the afternoon and evening hours floating the Pere Marquette river with my Dad and friend-guide Jeff Hubbard of Outfitters North (  We were throwing big ugly bugs at the bank, raising a great number of fish as well as catching a handful of solid, healthy and wild 12-17 inch browns.  That alone made Saturday a great day.  However, as the day light dwindled the river decided to turn it up a notch.  As we turned a corner my Dad's bug gets blasted - a deep, low pop.  The sound of a big brown is unmistakable.  Unfortunately, the hook didn't catch but that sound put us all on full alert.    A couple bends later, Jeff tells me to hit a dark corner adjacent to a log jam. Wham! 23 inches of brown trout wallops my bug and proceeds to go nuts.  After a tough, white-knuckle battle, which pushed my 4 weight to the limit, we had the beast in the net.  My personal best on the PM and our Michigan family record on the dry.

Oh we caught more than just the one...


  1. Beautiful fish. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. those are some brutes, how far is that from the house?