Sunday, April 28, 2013

Final Tarpon day of 2013

We got beat up on day two. Dad had five eats but couldn't get the hook pinned. Then, we let a few shots at some BIG poons get away from us. Seeing those big fish in shallow water give chase is truly amazing. There is no doubt tarpon are the best fly rod fish in the world. Big, fast, strong, happy to eat a fly. You can find them on the beaches, in the woods, laid up, rolling and gurgling . They are exceptional fly rod quarry. Day 3 of 3 is about to begin. I've got the bow. With my curse finally broken, my tarpon nuclear winter over, it's time to focus on some of the big girls. We've seen about a half dozen fish that would clear 150. They may be out of my league but I'd sure like to find out. I guess we shall see.

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