Monday, April 21, 2014

Fishing Report

Didn't get to do any serious fishing this weekend because most of the time was spent with family enjoying the holiday. I guess there are a few things more important than fishing. Nevertheless, I found some time to explore some of the local ponds for the first time since the great freeze. The bass and panfish still seem to be a little behind schedule. It took some time and coaxing to get one little bass but there is no better way to enjoy the first really nice day of the year. 

At one of the larger ponds I did see a HUGE dead bass. I can confidently say it would have gone 6-8 pounds. Sad to see a dead fish that size but I was encouraged about the fact that it existed at all.

Next up Tarpon 2014. Great way to close out April.  We have the 11 and 12 weights ready to go. It's time to play with some real fish. Hopefully the fishing gods bless us with good weather and happy laid up fish.

Real deal fishing reports to come.

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