Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tarpon 2015

Well, Tarpon 2015 was as bad as Tarpon 2014 was great. Saltwater fish, especially migrating tarpon, are particularly sensitive to tides and the weather. Tides vary but are perdictable; the weather is not. A consistent weather pattern is good, a changing weather pattern is bad. Unfortunately, our weather was in a state of flux, a cold front rolled in when we got down to south Florida and rolled out as we are leaving. The front brought in unusual winds, waves, and cloudy water. If we were fishing for a resident species these conditions are tough. However, when you are fishing for migrating fish these conditions are impossible. The tarpon which were around in huge numbers a week ago, vanished. My dad fished 5 days, had 6 shots and jumped 1. I fished 2 days, had 4 shots and got 2 eats but didn't pin either, nothing you can do about that. These fish were small juveniles, we didn't see a mature adult.
The backcountry is such a special place so it really doesn't matter but Mother Nature screwed us this year.
If you are heading to south Florida now, not to worry. Winds have stabilized and returned to an east north east pattern. In turn the water has started to clear. I'm confident the tarpon will be back in force in a day or two. 
Until next year . . . F*cking bummer.

On the flip side I got to fish with my dad, a great guide and friend, in my favorite place in the world, and doing what I love to do - hard to complain about that.

Tight lines.

Silver lining(ish): got a cool new hat out of the deal.
Them tarpon are in for a world of hurt next year.

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