Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This video just pisses me off...

You may fish to put fish on the table and that is fine as long as you do so responsibly. Like me, you may fish for the sport of it but the same rule applies, you must use precautions and take great care to revive the fish, if not for the environment or ecosystem but for your fellow angler. Sure, incidents happen where a fish unavoidably dies or is mortally wounded, but if you are conscious of it you can certainly reduce those situations. I feel that if you want to take part in this great sport you need to do so with an utmost respect for the fishery and even more so the fish. This tournament and improper tarpon fishing practice is crazy and must stop.


  1. That is absolutely ridiculous! They didn't even attempt to help that fish. Sad, that they have no respect!

  2. Thanks for the response. Tarpon are too noble of a fish for this sort of treatment. Heck, a big fish caught at one of these "tournaments" could have started swimming when Nixon was president.

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