Saturday, August 18, 2012

Preparing for the Mighty Musky

Musky fly fishing.  Chasing one of the largest freshwater predators in the world. I have no personal experience but from what I've read it sounds like any trophy fly fishing - lots of mundane time spent casting and searching interrupted by a moment of chaotic fury.  My kind of fishing super challenging but equally rewarding.

There are a few lakes in my area and some rivers, which contain these mighty beasts and I plan to introduce myself soon.  Time to hit the vice.  If you search muskie (musky) flies, streamers etc., you will find a bunch of examples of gaudy streamers to lure this mighty esox.  The guys at musky country outfitters and eastern trophies have some great, creative examples.  But like most of my streamer tying I decided to start with what the gear guys use.  I saw the lure on top in an in-fisherman magazine issue dedicated to pike and muskie and found the picture on the internet.  Everything I've read has suggested that orange and orange/black are key colors when pursuing muskie, so why not start there.

The other picture is my initial prototype fly version.  Two perfect bend 3/0 hooks lashed together with wire, orange grizzly hackle tail, marabou body, and arctic-fox head to push water.  Oh, and plenty of holographic flashabou for good measure.  I took it for a swim in the bath and I was satisfied but there is still room for improvement.

Hopefully I will stick this or its progeny in some toothy critters soon!

Tight Lines.


  1. I love Muskie, by far my favorite fish to target. Caught a few this year but not only a fly rod. On the bucket list for sure. Have caught a few Northern though on the long stick. Tons of fun, something about a fly just makes them want to kill it.

  2. By the way, where are you located, this is my first time to your blog. Greatly enjoyed it.

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