Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kool Aid and Fly Tying

This is yet another example of why the internet is a great thing for fly tying.  I consider myself to be on the creative side of the fence but I would have never thought of the project that gave rise to the picture to the right.

I had a low grade cape standard grizzly rooster (white and black).  As with many people these days, I am cautiously spending my dollars and colorful capes for streamers and intruders etc., while desirable, are certainly not in the budget.  So what is a fly tyer to do?  Get on the internet and stand on the shoulders of giants.  Kool-aid.  Yep, buy a box of colors (unsweetened!) and following the directions on the links provided.

Another cost conscience tip, take a razor and start slicing up the cape into smaller squares.  Doing so will allow you to get a number of colors from one cape.  For example, the picture represents about 1/3 of the original cape. The top clump of feathers is attached to a 1inch X 1inch square.  So you can imagine the amount of colors you can get from one cape.  Also, the smaller pieces seem to allow the individual feathers to absorb more color.  So, by cutting first you end up with more variety and probably a better product.

I have to say the results are promising.  While the cape doesn't seem as bold as the store bought products, it is definitely orange and that is what I was looking for.  There is plenty of room for improvement and experimentation, which will be a lot of fun.

So, if you're looking for a unique colored feather or you're keeping the nickels and dimes close to the vest, then stop by your local grocery store, grab some kool-ai and have at it.

Tight lines.


  1. Awesome fly tying supplies - I am totally making my husband try the Kool-aid trick. Thanks!