Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fishing Reports

A quick pre-work report.  Had a chance to fish up in Michigan a few weeks ago.  Typically, the lake I fish up north is cold and deep but not this year.  While of course the depth remained the same, the surface temperatures were approaching 80 degrees.  As a caveat, my Dad and I have only recently started using thermometers but we have a sense by touch that the water was warmer than usual.  Likewise, the bass were not in their typical pattern and we struggled to find fish.  Eventually we did tighten up on a few but we have certainly not figured out the warm-water pattern on this lake.

That's what I love about fishing, even a lake, a fishery, that is so familiar is always changing always new.

Also, got up to the Milwaukee twice after being inspired by a fellow blogger.  Stayed within the city limits both times.  First trip was a total success, caught 17 smallmouth, a crappie and hooked but lost a nice pike (darn teeth).  It was a riot and it was easy.  Since it was my first summer trip on the Milwaukee I was kicking myself for not having made the trip before.  However, I must have had a case of beginners luck because the second trip was much tougher.  The water had rose and was discolored.  The fish had moved or were not hungry. Either way my buddy Kelley and I each got one but had to throw the box trying to catch them. So much for easy fishing.  Just another bipolar river to explore.

Nevertheless, we are planning to dial in and picked up a pair a float tubes to assist covering water.

Hopefully, my next report will reflect the first trip rather than the second and I need to start remembering my camera.

Tight Lines.

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