Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Big rains in fall = good numbers of steel

 and browns as well. Although water levels are merely one factor amongst many, it is really the threshold issue when discussing whether steelhead will push in. There is no doubt that during periods of high water potadromous species, like Great Lakes steelhead and migratory browns, migrate. If you're lucky enough to catch a wave of fish migrating from the lake you may experience some of the best fishing and best fights of the season.
The mil is on the rise. It is particularly sensitive to rain fall because of its urban surroundings, so it blows out quickly. However, considering the time of year and the warmer water temps, an increase in water flow will certainly bring fish in. It will also flush out the old and dead kings (thereby bringing the numbers of ppl down a tad). Additionally, there tends to be a particularly hot bite right after the peak of a high water period before the fish settle into their usual pattern. Time to go get some but be aware of the conditions an be safe.

Tight lines.

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