Monday, November 18, 2013

Fishing Report

Swung flies on Sunday in southeast wisconsin. Flows were good, casting was adequate, but the fish were not cooperative. I did have a fish pluck all the way down a run but didn't grab. Switched color and went through again and nothing. Don't know what it was but it was acting like a steelhead. 

My neighbor and some buddies fished another section of the same river. Sounds like they used a variety of techniques and got into some fish including browns, cohos and some steel. 

So the report is fishing is ok. There are fish around but they are scattered. Fish seem to be still on the egg bite but streamers will start to become more attractive soon. 

Flows remain good though they will probably start dropping soon.  As long as the water doesn't drop too quickly winter runs will probably start/continue trickling in. With the cold snap approaching and dropping water temps look for fish in more traditional winter lies.

Got some time off before startin my new job. Looking forward to be getting in some more fishin.

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