Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dreaming of Warmer Days

Like much of the country, the Midwest is trapped under a relentless cold and never ending sheet of ice - not particularly conducive to fly fishing.  So, as with my brothers in arms around here, I am forced to dream of warmer days, of flowing water, of tides, tails, and a savage tug at the end of the line rather than experience the same. Metaphorically, I was recently laid off, so I also dream of warmer, more certain times and more viable futures.  Under the circumstances, I've had some time to read, get behind the vice, and ponder new patterns, fishing techniques and destinations.  Having Florida and Tarpon on the brain, I have been reading up on flies and techniques tailored to Southwest Florida.  The following posts will discuss a great book and some new flies destined for the King.

Here's to warmer days.

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