Friday, January 7, 2011

Green Tarpon Toad

This is my first go at the ubiquitous green tarpon toad.
Hook: Gamakatsu SL12 size 1/0
Thread: Chartreuse Ultra thread
Tail: One strand of chartreuse marabou
Collar: Yellow hackle
Body: Traditionally, the pattern calls for chartreuse polypropylene.  In this case I used chartreuse EP brush and trimmed it in the classic toad form.
Eyes:  Medium or large black plastic eyes

I've never fished this fly but I've seen it work on TV and read about its ability to convince a tarpon to eat.  The general rule is that chartreuse color patterns work in clear water situations - the same holds true with the toad.  Also, the hackle collar is a trick to make the fly lighter and land softer.  Other toad patterns are tied with rabbit, which are good for getting a fishes attention but not so good for making a delicate presentation.  Also, I applied liquid fusion to the spine of the fly in an effort to make the fly more durable.  Most likely applying glue is an effort in futility considering the toughness of the tarpons jaws and the power fight that ensues a bite.

I'm going to play around with colors and flash to see if this pattern will turn the heads of smallmouth bass.  We shall see.

Tight lines.

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