Thursday, January 6, 2011

White Fly Equals Success in the Everglades

This white EP mullet was the ticket.  I caught a big red that absolutely destroyed the fly.  The EP mullet has a slimmer profile than the popular EP peanut bunker and comes in fewer colors.  White worked in the everglades and I know it works on the west coast beaches during the summer.  I look forward to try it out amongst the mangroves around pine island sound.

A few tips on tying with EP fibers.  First, use small amounts at a time.  Less fibers means more movement and a better looking fly.  Second, remember to taper the fibers before you tie them in.  To taper the fibers you grab one end of the clump of EP fibers and tease out a few strands so the tips are uneven.  This will help you from a clean tapered body.  Finally, do not use your hand to sweep the fibers back before you trim the fly.  Joe Cornwall of Fly Fish Ohio compared creating flies with EP fibers to sculpting.  Ultimately, the fly gets its shape from the scissors.

These are just a couple pointers if you are new to tying with EP.  Here is a nice tutorial to take you a few more steps down the road.

Tight lines.

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