Monday, January 17, 2011

Product of Cabin Fever

I enjoy pushing the envelope in the world of fly tying.  I forgot where I first saw this pattern but I instantly thought why not put a magic head on it.  The result looks like a jointed Rapala.  On its voyage in the bath tub it swam like one too.

Is it a fly? It sort of depends on your definition but it sure will be fun to fish.   This fly is made from a pearl crystal hackle wrap with a dark back made by a gray marker, a gray marabou tail, a magic head and big silver 3D eyes.  I used a red bead and red wire for two reasons.  First and foremost to created the joint.  Also to represent the gills.  

The pictured pattern uses relatively small freshwater hooks.  Perfect for bass or maybe trout.

Tight lines.


  1. That's a pretty sweet looking fly! I think I might have to steal that pattern!

  2. This looks like a great snook pattern for the everglades. Ever try it there?