Friday, December 10, 2010

Final Steelhead Trip of 2010 (Most Likely)

And then there were clothes (and more gear).  My dad and I are heading north to Baldwin Michigan for the final time in 2010.  The air temps are supposed to be near freezing on Saturday, which is workable.  I'm not thinking about Sunday. Water temps have been dropping this week but hopefully have leveled out.  I'm hearing some mixed reports on conditions but it is sounding like the steelies are swimming in some low clear water once again, which will make things fun.

I'm packing some pretty bugs, some ugly bugs, some heavy bugs, some light bugs, and some particularly grumpy lookin' bugs.  Also, a wide range of sink tips are making the trip. I'm betting one combination will find a fish . . . or maybe not but it will be fun trying.  Its always fun to get out and experience the peace and serenity that the woods and rivers have to offer.  Hopefully I'll return with some reports. Tight lines.
One of the pretty ones (not a novel design but I'm calling it a PM Hot Toddy)

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