Saturday, December 4, 2010

Luscious Leech

Luscious Leech Recipe
Hook: Daichi 2461 Size 2
Tail: Olive or Black Rabbit Zonker Strip
Body: Crosscut Olive or Black Rabbit Strip palmered to front of hook
Wing: Palmered barred Woodduck flank to front
Head: Orange Ice Dub

In fishing as in life, simpler is often better.  This is a simple leech pattern that is easy to cast, swims well, and produces fish.  Steelhead love this fly.  I haven't tried the Luscious Leech in the Wisconsin streams but I'm confident it will be a hit.  

The luscious leech is tied and fished by my friend and guide Jeff Hubbard.  He guides primarily on the Pere Marquette, White, and Muskegon rivers in western Michigan for steelhead, trout, salmon and bass.  

Time for a little shameless plug.   If you want to learn about fishing for trout and steelhead generally as well as swinging flies for steelhead give Jeff a call (click on his name to go to his website).  The cliché rings true, Jeff has forgotten more about steelhead than I will ever know and, frankly, he's one of the best fishermen that I have had the pleasure to fish with.  Take a trip down the river with Jeff and you'll end the day with some great grip-and-grin shots and some fishing knowledge in your back pocket.

Tight Lines.

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