Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Michigan Sculpin Pattern for Steelhead

Hook: Daiichi 2461 size 2
Tail:  Arctic fox tied temple dog style
Body: Peacock Ice Dub with schlappan palmered through
Wing: Copper and green Flashabou
Hackle: Natural mallard
Head: Australian possum in a dubbing loop and fire orange in a dubbing loop
Again, sorry about the fuzzy picture.

The Fly
This fly is a regular steelhead producer on bright days in Michigan.  The fly pictured is a slight variation of Kevin Feenstra's Emulator Sculpin, which has become quite popular.  I like size 2 flies but you can certainly go bigger or smaller depending on the conditions.

First, take a clump of arctic fox and brush out any underfur.  Then, tie in the tail so the tips facing the eye of the hook.  Next, double the tail back so it lays with the tips behind the fly and cinch it down.  This tying procedure gives the fox a little extra life.  Then, tie in the tip of the schlappan and dub the body.  Next, palmer wrap the body with the schlappan leaving the front quarter of the hook for the head.  At this point you may tie in some flash.  I like copper, green, gold, and a little red at times.  Once you've tied off the schlappan and the flash, tie in a mallard feather by its tip and make one or two wraps.  Try to make sure the mallard feather fibers are sloping back.  After that, form a dubbing loop and fill it with the possum and ice dub.  Once you've spun the dubbing loop pick out the possum giving it a buggy look (the possum fibers will breath in the water). Wrap the loop up to the eye of the hook and tie off.  Time to let it swing. Tight lines.


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