Monday, December 6, 2010

Steve Farrar's Flash Blend Fly

Hook: Short shank saltwater hook
Body: Steve Farrar flash blend
Eyes: 3D eyes

I've been playing around with Steve Farrar flash blend.  The material is like EP fiber but a little stiffer.  Also, unlike EP fiber, it has a fine flash material blended in with the fly.  I find the best results when I use small amounts of fiber for each section.  Tying with SP blend is like sculpting.  Once you've completed the base amount of fiber you brush the fly and begin to cut your desired shape. This is a fun material for creative fly tyers.

Flies tied in this material have a subtle swimming motion that becomes more prominent as the stripping speed increases.

Although mostly talked about in saltwater circles, I think its worth giving it a try for fresh water species such as bass, pike, and the lake run trout and salmon.  I haven't fished them very much yet but they look pretty tasty.

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